We prepare historical surveys for clients in industry, infrastructure, energy, real estate, oil, mining, and military.  Our activities include researching the history of the site, past activities, materials used, site reconnaissance, and interviews with present and past personnel.  These surveys are performed in accordance with Israel regulatory guidelines and ASTM standards.
We conduct due diligence investigations for organizations seeking to determine the environmental liability of a site prior to purchase or rental. These Phase I and Phase II Environmental Surveys for due diligence are similar in scope to Historical Surveys and are performed to International Standards of ASTM E 1527 and E1903, respectively.
Pilot Studies are performed to obtain engineering design information to optimize the design of remediation systems.  ADAMA has performed over 30 pilot studies for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems, Bioventing Systems, and Air Sparging Systems.
We have performed hundreds of investigations at contaminated sites.  These sites include industrial plants, gas stations, real estate complexes, national infrastructure, mines, bus station and more. Our activities at these sites include drilling and well installation; sampling of soil, soil gas and groundwater; laboratory analysis, and preparation of engineering reports.
Risk Assessments are perform at selected sites to determine site-specific threshold levels to minimize the requirements to remediate a site.  These assessments are performed in accordance with Israel’s Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) guidelines and are a collaborative project with a foreign company as required by these guidelines.
These studies are performed to provide an optimal solution for the treatment of contaminated sites and include screening of applicable technologies, and detailed analysis of a few selected technologies for cost, treatment period, and regulatory acceptance.
ADAMA’s staff of engineers performs detailed engineering design including engineering drawings using AutoCAD, and specifications for in-situ remediation of soils and groundwater contaminated sites.  The technologies designed included free product recovery systems using skimmer pumps, soil excavation and disposal of contaminated soils, in-situ treatment of contaminated soils by bioventing and soil vapor extraction, and groundwater treatment by oxygen release compounds, and air sparging.  As part of the design services, ADAMA can provide engineering cost estimates, issue tender documents, and evaluate bids.
ADAMA provides services during remediation which include oversight during remediation to minimize the cost of excavated soil disposal, confirmation sampling, and reporting to the Ministry to obtain site closure.  These services have been provided at over 50 sites where we have obtained regulator closure for remediation by excavation.
During the treatment period for remediation systems, we provide monitoring services to optimize the performance of these systems and collect monitoring data required for reporting to the regulatory agencies. This monitoring includes soil gas monitoring, free product measurements, and groundwater sampling. We are currently monitoring approximately 30 sites with active remediation systems for free product, soil and groundwater  remediation.